Our Story

The tale of Legacy Oaks and Cannatelli Wines

Once upon a time, 2010, to be exact, we drove from Sonoma over the Oakville grade into the amazing Napa Valley.

As we crested the hill, we saw below us a an extraordinary, magnificent valley, lush and full of color. Majestic mountain ridges framed the sight and they glowed in the morning light.

The beauty knocked us over! We heard angels singing! We knew that we NEEDED to have a home here. (Oh yeah, and they make world class wine in Napa Valley too.)

It made sense to us.

As an artist, I had visions of vistas and vineyards to paint. I looked forward to inviting artist friends to experience painting wine country and our newly found gem. I couldn’t wait to share this wondrous experience.

We found a special property right in the middle of the valley, out side of Yountville. Yountville is in our opinion, the most charming and romantic little town in the U.S.A.

Legacy Oaks vineyard has sweeping views of the full valley floor. We were in heaven! The property came with a vineyard. What do we do with that? Well you might as well make some wine.

Now, it had to be good wine, because those of you who know us, know we only drink and pour the “good stuff!” Our Legacy Oaks property brings us unmeasurable joy. It is our delight to share our wine with you.

Join us in living the Napa wine country dream!